Work in Osaka with working holiday visa or student visa


Language Inn is a great place in Osaka for Japanese students who want to learn a language and feel like they are studying abroad in Japan. During your stay, you won’t be able to speak any Japanese at all in order to learn the language. It’s a language boot camp where students are expected to stoically push themselves to learn a language.

On the other hand, “Study Lounge” is the place for who want to study a language in a casual way.  It’s not a school where you pay an entrance fee or a few months’ worth of tuition and take lessons for a set amount of time on a regular basis like a language school. This lounge is one of the common facilities of Language Inn, but outside customers who does not staying Language Inn can also participate these activities without any booking such as;

Schedule of Activities on STUDY LOUNGE

  • Int’l Language Lesson : We want to make a casual lesson to stay and learn another language.   No barriers of  entrance fees or contracts, and short notice arrangements (we will book you for the earliest time!).  Native speakers who have experience as language teachers provide a language lesson with students.  (Not only English, but also other languages are included.)
  • EIGO de CHAT : English speaking international staffs lead the conversation and discusses the daily changing topics with the Japanese students
  • EIGO de Game :  English speaking international staffs organize games such as board games or card games , and play with Japanese students while speaking English.
  • EIGO de Walking  :  English speaking international staffs lead a walking tour while speaking English with Japanese students
  • EIGO de Cooking : English speaking international staffs take along with Japanese students to a supermarket or a convenience store and cook something for themselves while speaking English.


Recruiting Staff Members in Osaka

If you have a working holiday visa or student visa, why don’t you work in Osaka? You can stay in our hostel / guesthouse for FREE as a free accommodation staff or/and a work exchange staff. We are located in Shinsaibashi, Osaka.

We are recruiting international persons for these activities. Please read more our recruiting page for “Work exchange staff wanted” or “Commission Worker Wanted”. 


Access to us (Osaka Shinsaibashi)

Address : 1-8-4, Nishi Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka City

国内留学できるゲストハウス ■Language Innは、ジェイホッパーズ大阪ユニバーサル店内での併設企画です。