Second job (side business) in Osaka to make an extra money | Secondary occupation in Osaka

Let's find a side business.

Looking for a second job in Oaska? If you are looking for a secondary occupation and want to make an extra money, why don’t you apply with us? We are carrying out International Speaking opportunities as mentioned on HOME.  Therefore, we are looking for international individuals who can work on an commission fee basis implemented in these activities. Join our group and earn some money!

We will make a working shift in advance to allocate you in each time period once you have made a contract with us. Please be noted that you will be REQUIRED to stay at the job location during your allocated time period, but there may NOT be any participants. These activities are scheduled without advanced booking so there are no guarantees of on job pay. You will only be paid based on how many guests are participating in the activities along with how many shifts you take. Of course, we will also encourage the customers staying in Language Inn to participate these programs.

You do not have to be an English native speaker. As long as you can speak English as a second language, you are eligible to apply for this position. Let’s stay in Osaka and make an extra money! Don’t you think these below jobs would be a good side business?

The Japanese government has been promoting “Work style reform policy“. This reform is designed to allow working people to choose for themselves diverse and flexible work styles that suit their individual circumstances.

Reducing Long Working Hours
2. closing the gap between full-time and part-time employees
3. make up for the lack of a workforce

To that end, the company is trying to change the traditional way of working (where it is a virtue to stay with the same company for the rest of one’s life, even if it is a harsh working environment) and encourage workers to take a side hustle.

Yes, it is becoming more easy to start a side line business in Japan now. So, why don’t you start a second job with us?

There are no ethos as strict as working in a company, so why not take a break from the usual work and interact with the Japanese?


Activities ( EIGO de CHAT, EIGO de GAE, EIGO de Walking, EIGO de Cooking )

Fee for each activity is 1,000JPY per person per 1 period (50-min activity + 10-min preparation ) You will get paid 700JPY per 1 person per hour. (We will deduct our commission of 30%.) For example, if you get 4 customers in 1 period, you will get paid 2,800JPY.


Private Lesson

Lesson fee is 2,500JPY per 1 hour. You will get paid 1,750JPY. (We will deduct our commission of 30%.) 

Schedule for activities

Chat Coordinator for EIGO de CHAT

Chatting time [EIGO de CHAT] is scheduled as per the above calendar. Participants seeing this calendar online can join in their preferred time period without booking. Chat coordinators don’t have to teach any rigidly formal English. You will only be required to have casual English conversation with Japanese participants.


Game Coordinator for EIGO de GAME

You are in charge of organizing games so that all the Japanese participants can enjoy. You must engage in conversation with the Japanese participants as much as possible. We will provide you with games such as cards, and board games, but you may also bring in your own games as long as the guests can participate and understand the rules.


Tour Coordinator for EIGO de WALKING

Either being a tour coordinator for Japanese participants or being guided by them is OK. If you are more familiar with Osaka than the Japanese participants, you should navigate them. But if you are still new to Osaka, you can ask Japanese participants to be guide you in the city. Either way, you will lead them and wander around different parts of Osaka while chatting about the local people, food, and culture in English.

This event will NOT be held regularly. We will recruit participants through Facebook.


Tour Coordinator for EIGO de COOKING

You are to lead Japanese participants and have them decide what they will cook. Once the menu has been determined, you take along them to a convenience store or supermarket to buy ingredients. After that, everybody will cook together. If you are a chef, you can mainly cook for them, but you always have to encourage them to speak English.

This event will NOT be held regularly. We will recruit participants through Facebook.

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